Town of Waterbury, Vermont

The Town of Waterbury is seeking the services of a consulting firm or individual to conduct a feasibility study for a new community center that would provide affordable opportunities for an inter-generational, multi-functional facility.




Monday, May 20, 2019

A. Introduction

The Town of Waterbury is seeking the services of a consulting firm to conduct a feasibility study for a new community center that would provide affordable opportunities for an inter-generational, multi-functional facility. A Waterbury Visioning Summit sponsored by Revitalizing Waterbury in January, 2018 indicated a desire to have shared space and programs available for seniors, children, teens, adults and families. Revitalizing Waterbury, the Children's Room and the Waterbury Area Senior Center are active partners in this feasibility study.

B. Background

The Town of Waterbury has a number of organizations that serve an active population ranging from children to adults. At least two non-profits and the Town Recreation Department have outgrown their space and are seeking to partner to create a new community center that would provide shared space, facilities and programs. The feasibility study will provide focus and definition for partners, activities, size, scope and cost for a community facility. Revitalizing Waterbury, the Town of Waterbury Recreation Program, the Children's Room and the Waterbury Area Senior Center are active partners in this study. Other organizations and individuals have expressed interest in being a part of the study and will be encouraged to participate. The town will form a Steering Committee to work with the Consultant and assist with overseeing the project. 

C. Scope of Work

The Consultant’s scope of work for this project will consist of the following tasks and outcomes:

  • Meet with potential partners and the project Steering Committee. Conduct community outreach seeking public input on the types of services and potential partners that are seeking physical space for existing, expanding or new programs.
  • Work with the Steering Committee for this project to determine priorities for types of services and activities based on need, commitment and viability.
  • Determine estimated scope, size and cost of a facility based on priorities identified. Identify potential suitable locations with a priority for existing municipal property.
  • Determine potential programs and the estimated associated operating funds to support a community center.
  • Conduct a potential cash flow analysis based on program and facility costs.
  • Determine an estimated timeline for the project and the ownership options (non-profit/municipal, etc.)
  • Identify possible sources of grant funds and capital campaign strategies to implement the project

The proposal review committee will use the following criteria to evaluate the Proposals that are submitted:

  • Demonstrated experience and knowledge in community center planning and design.
  • Experience working with steering committees and interest groups to guide projects to a viable outcome.
  • Ability to generate preliminary cost estimates and develop financing options for proposed scenarios.
  • Experience leading public design charettes and presentations to the community.
  • A creative approach to our specific project.
  • A viable project budget.
  • Positive references.

D. Project Oversight and Communication

Waterbury’s Community Planner, Steve Lotspeich, will be responsible for managing the project, including providing direction and assistance to the consultant and coordinating the Steering Committee. He will also provide general oversight on the administration for the contract, invoicing and reporting. The Recreation Director (Nick Nadeau), and the Revitalizing Waterbury Executive Director (Karen Nevin) will assist throughout the project.

E. Response Format

Responses to this RFP should consist of the following:

A technical proposal consisting of:

  1. A cover letter expressing the consultant’s interest in working with the Town of Waterbury, including identification of the principal individuals that will provide the requested services, including any sub-consultants.
  2. A description of the general approach to be taken toward completion of the project, an explanation of any variances to the proposed scope of work as outlined in the RFP, and any insights into the project gained as a result of developing the proposal and previous experience.
  3. A scope of work that includes detailed steps to be taken, including any products or deliverables resulting from each task.
  4. A brief statement describing why your firm is qualified to undertake the work requested.
  5. A summary of estimated labor hours by task that clearly identifies the project team members and the number of hours performed by each team member by task.
  6. A proposed schedule that indicates project milestones and overall time for completion.
  7. A list of individuals that will be committed to this project and their professional qualifications. The names and qualifications of any sub-consultants shall be included in this list.
  8. Demonstration of success on similar projects, including brief project descriptions and contact names and addresses for reference.
  9. A representative work sample similar to the type of work being requested.
  10. A list of a minimum of three references with their contact information.
  • Please note that Items 1 – 6 should be limited to no more than 10 pages. Resumes, professional qualifications and work samples are not included in this total.

A separate cost proposal consisting of a composite schedule by task of direct labor hours, direct labor cost per class of labor, overhead rate, and fee for the project. If the use of sub-consultants is proposed, a separate schedule must be provided for each.

F. Funding

This project is funded with $35,000 of Community Development Block Grant - Planning Grant funds. The total budget for consultant services is $41,250. Because this project is funded by a CDBG grant, the successful consultant will be required to comply with all State and Federal requirements in the Grant Agreement.

G. Contract Time Period

It is anticipated that the Town of Waterbury will award a contract to the selected consultant in June, 2019. All work on the project must be completed by May 1, 2020.

H. Consultant Selection

The consultant selection will be made by members of the Community Center Steering Committee, which includes representatives of the Town of Waterbury staff, and Revitalizing Waterbury Director. This committee may elect to interview consultants prior to final selection and use cost as a factor in making an award recommendation to the Select Board.

The selection committee will review technical proposals based on the following criteria:

  1. Qualifications of the firm and the personnel to be assigned to this project. (15 Pts.)
  2. Experience of the consultant personnel working together as a team to complete similar projects. (15 Pts.)
  3. Demonstration of overall project understanding and insights into local conditions and potential issues. (15 Pts.)
  4. Clarity of the proposal and creativity/thoroughness in addressing the scope of work. (15 Pts.)
  5. Submission of a complete proposal with all elements required by the RFP. (15 Pts.)
  6. A positive response from references. (10 Pts.)
  7. Cost proposal within budget. (15 Pts.)

I. Submissions

Consultants wishing to be considered for this project should submit one electronic copy and two paper copies of their proposal to:

Steve Lotspeich, Community Planner
Town of Waterbury
28 N. Main St.
Waterbury, VT 05676

Questions about the project should be directed to Steve Lotspeich at the above address or (802) 244-1012.

All proposals must be received no later than 12:00 noon on Monday, May 20, 2019. Proposals and/or modifications received after this time will not be accepted or reviewed. No facsimile-machine produced proposals will be accepted.

All proposals become the property of the Town upon submission. The expense of preparing and submitting a proposal is the sole responsibility of the consultant. The Town reserves the right to reject any or all proposals received, to negotiate with any qualified source, or to cancel in part or in its entirety this RFP as is in the best interest of the Town. This solicitation in no way obligates the Town to award a contract. The Town of Waterbury is an Equal Opportunity Employer.