The City of Portland is inviting proposals from qualified consultants to complete a Historic Preservation Impact Study. The goal of the study is to provide an analysis of, and where applicable, recommendations on the following:

1. Job creation and income generated by historic rehabilitation activity or other preservation efforts in Portland’s historic districts;
2. The economic impact of cultural heritage tourism and its relative impact in relation to other forms of tourism in Portland;
3. Demonstrated effect of historic districts on property values and rent within those districts as compared to non-historic districts;
4. The role of historic preservation in downtown commercial economic vitality;
5. The contribution of historic preservation to Portland’s sustainable development
(smart growth principles, energy conservation, climate resilience, green infrastructure, etc.);  and
6. The social & racial impacts of historic preservation including, but not limited to, the opportunities in Portland’s historic districts as it is related to the development of low and moderate income housing compared with other, non-historic district parts of the City.

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