Pelham (NH) Master Plan Project Request for Proposals

Pelham’s Mater Plan is out-of-date having been last fully updated in 2001-2002. That Mater Plan can be found at the following link on Pelham’s Town website:

The Pelham Planning Board seeks proposals from planning consultants to develop a completely new Master Plan. The Board desires a Master Plan that captures our citizens’ shared vision for what our Town should be and provides a road map of how to achieve that vision.  A new Pelham Master Plan will ideally be a modern, user-friendly document that is visually compelling. Community outreach and engagement will be critical to capturing the shared vision and goals of a new Master Plan.  Funding approval for the project will be sought based on the selected proposal in the hope the project can proceed with Town meeting approval in March of 2021.

As a completely new “soup-to-nuts” Master Plan project we anticipate the respondents will propose some options for scope and fee along with some examples of the responding firm’s Master Plan work for other New England communities.  The Board wants to ensure compliance with statutory and best management practices for Master Planning with the goal of a streamlined and user-friendly document with strong visual elements. One option may be the development of a story map or graphic treatment that will help the public understand the plan’s fundamental attributes with minimal reliance on tables, charts, graphs and voluminous text.

The responding firms shall address the following in their statement of qualifications and proposal:

• Demonstrated familiarity with the Master Planning process;
• knowledge of and expertise in the various components of master plans including land use, housing, transportation, and other disciplines related to master plan development;
• an “out of the box” approach to master planning that embraces new technology and methods of community engagement and visioning;
• adequate personnel and equipment to perform the work expeditiously;
• references from municipalities demonstrating successful master plan projects
The Town of Pelham reserves the right to reject any proposal resulting from acceptance of qualifications if the foregoing requirements are not satisfied or if the Town believes the firm is not properly qualified to carry out the obligations of the proposal and to complete the work contemplated therein.


Statements of Qualifications and proposal for work must be received by 4 p.m. on Friday January 8, 2021 in order to be considered. Documents received after this time will not be considered.  Please send the documents to:

Jeff Gowan, Planning Director
Town of Pelham
6 Village Green
Pelham, NH 03076

Provisions of this RFP and the contents of the successful responses are considered available for inclusion in final contractual obligations.    Applicants should submit the following information for consideration:

•        Package 1, Cover Letter / Project Approach:  Introduce your Firm and any appropriate personnel, along with your general approach to work and any explanatory information deemed necessary to demonstrate your firm’s ability to perform, including your firm’s specific experience with Master Plan development.
• Package 2, Scope and Cost Proposal:  Your scope and cost shall describe several options in Master Plan project development scope and associated costs.  In the event there are additional fees/costs the proposer believes may become necessary to consider, those fees/costs shall be detailed and rationalized.  The cost proposal must encompass all research, evaluation, development of recommendations, cost/benefit analysis and presentation of findings to the Pelham Planning Board.  
• Project Completion Timeframe: Describe in detail the time required to complete the Master Plan development project and to present the findings to the Planning Board.  The Planning Board anticipates a multi-month process but will consider the proposed timeframe as part of their evaluation process.
• Subcontractor Descriptions (if applicable):  If the execution of work to be performed by your company requires the utilization of sub-contractors you must clearly state this in the proposal.  Sub-contractors must be identified and the work they will perform must be defined.  

• Proposals are due no later than 4:00 p.m. on Friday January 8, 2021.
• Proposals will be evaluated immediately thereafter.  During this time we may request interviews with the Planning Board or with our evaluation team.  You will be notified if this is requested.


The Town of Pelham will negotiate contract terms upon selection.  All contracts are subject to review by Pelham’s legal counsel, and the project will be awarded upon signing of an agreement or contract, which outlines terms, scope, budget, indemnification, insurance, and other necessary items.