Seeking Technical GIS analysis of rural settlement patterns

This technical study is supported by the Municipal Planning Grant (MPG) program of the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development (ACCD). The purpose of this project is to provide background analysis in support of amending the town’s land use regulations. Total project cost cannot exceed $15, 015.00.
Qualifications are being accepted by the Town of Norwich for the provision of consultant technical services under a contract agreement commencing November 2021 and concluding April 2022. The successful respondent will be able to demonstrate extensive experience with ESRI ArcGIS products, Vermont tax map protocols and small-town land recordkeeping and familiarity with land development patterns and processes in Vermont and Northern New England more generally. The objective is to map and analyze the pattern of residential land development before and after a specific change in the Norwich subdivision regulations.
Following a period of sustained growth, the Norwich Planning Commission amended the subdivision regulations in 2002 ending the two-acre minimum lot size that had been in effect for the previous decade. The amendment also introduced a density factor calculator which uses site conditions, proximity to Norwich village and road conditions to calculate the total number of parcels that could be subdivided from the original parcel. The goal was to protect rural character by concentrating development closer to the village and along major road corridors. This study will measure the effectiveness of this regulatory approach.
Project Goals

Using subdivision approvals, dwelling unit zoning permits and E-911 points for the period 1992 to 2002 map the pattern of development. Compare and contrast this pattern of development with the pattern observed between 2002 and 2021.

Scope of Work
1. Build a searchable database of all subdivisions in the rural residential district from 1992 to 2021
2. Build a searchable database of all dwelling unit zoning permits in the rural residential district between 1992 and 2021
3. Consultant developed GIS layers will be in Vermont State Plane coordinates, meters NAD 1983
4. GIS layers will:
a. map the development pattern between 1992 and 2002
b. map the development pattern between 2002 and 2021
c. develop a build-out analysis for subdivisions approved from 2002 to 2021 documenting maximum allowable density versus density of approved subdivision
5. Provide monthly progress reports to the Project Manager
6. Furnish copies to the Project Manager of all submissions to Vermont Center for Geographic Information (VCGI) including a completed GIS Data Submission Online Intake Form (see Attachment D; Procurement Procedures and Other Grant Requirements, III GIS Work)
7. A brief presentation to the Planning Commission at the commencement of the project

8. A presentation of the draft Technical Report to the Planning Commission in a roundtable setting

Mapping and Graphic Standards
GIS work product funded under this contract must conform to the following standards:
The contractor and any and all subcontractors will complete the GIS Data Submission Online intake form as part of its final work product. With the GIS Data Submission Online Intake Form, the contractor and any and all subcontractors shall also submit digital copies of GIS data produced with the Grant Award or any portion thereof if such data is not already available in the Vermont Open Geodata Portal. Digital GIS data includes spatial and tabular data attributes, documentation files, and must meet applicable standards as to data format and documentation of all products using the VGIS metadata standard. Note: it is not necessary to submit subsets of data layers that are already listed in the VGIS Data Catalog (data hosted at the Vermont Open Geodata Portal). A subset would be an extract of existing data, such as road centerline data, for example.
Digital Spatial Data will be submitted via the GIS Data Submission Online Intake Form as a single .zip file with documents in the Vermont State Plan Coordinate System, as specified in Title 1, Chapter 17 §671-679. Any of the following files is acceptable:
a. .shp (Shapefile – which also consist of files with other extensions such as .dbf and .shx)
b. .dwg (CAD file)
c. .dxf (CAD file)
All data and materials created or collected under this MPG funded project – including all digital data – are public records. The contractor and any and all subcontractors are bound by the terms between the grantor (State of Vermont) and grantee (Town of Norwich) as specified n grant agreement 07110-MP-2021-Norwich-38 with regard to Attachment D Procurement Procedures and Other Grant Requirements III GIS Work:

Technical assistance and information on these GIS standards, guidelines and procedures are available from the Vermont Center for Geographic Information, Inc

Submission Requirements
To be considered, a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) must include the following:
1. Name, job title email and phone number of primary contact person
2. A description of the consultant’s qualifications, capabilities and organizational structure. Indicate if you, or a subcontractor are a Minority or Women owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE).
3. Proposed staff for the work. Attach resumes of key staff.
4. Documentation with project dates, titles and location of relevant reports and technical work completed by team members in the past three years.
5. Provide at least three references which include the following for each project or technical work product: one sentence description, name of project manager, phone number and address. References should be clients from the past five years for whom similar work was performed.
6. Explain the consulting team’s approach to communicating with the project manager
7. Proof of professional liability insurance coverage of $1 million per occurrence and $2 million in aggregate to cover the work to be performed.

8. Number all pages consecutively (page limit: 20 pages).

Response Format and Due Date
A SOQ in pdf format must be submitted via email by 12 noon Friday August 6, 2021 to SOQs or amendments received after this deadline will not be considered. The subject line in the email must read: Norwich density factor project SOQ.

Submission must be received no later than 12 noon Friday October 1, 2021

Faxed or USPS delivered responses will NOT be accepted

Evaluation Criteria
Statement of Qualifications will be evaluated in the following areas:
1. Firm’s Qualifications and Capabilities (30 pts.): This refers to the qualifications of the firm or firms assigned, including area of expertise, technical capabilities.
2. Project Team (30 pts.): Qualifications of the professionals (including but not limited to the Project Manager) assigned to this project including technical attributes and relevant staff experience that make them uniquely qualified to undertake this work.
3. Past Performance (20 pts.): The quality and relevance of recent studies and projects of similar nature completed by the Consultant.
4. Knowledge of Project Area (5 pts.): Experience working in Vermont or in communities similar to Norwich, Vermont.
5. Overall Quality of Submittal (15 pts.): This refers to the clarity and organization of the submittal as well as the completeness of the information.

The selection of a consultant shall be made without regard to race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, or political affiliation. The Town of Norwich is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages proposals from qualified Minority or Women Owned Business Enterprises (M/WBE).

Based on recommendations from the Planning Director the Town Manager will appoint a Selection Committee to review qualifications submitted in response to this RFQ. Utilizing evaluation criteria as outlined above, the Committee will develop a list of qualified consultants that may be invited for an interview by the Committee. The Committee will recommend a preferred consultant to the Planning Commission and Selectboard. The Selectboard will approve the final selection. Consultants that accept a contract will be required to register with the Vermont Secretary of State as a Vermont or foreign firm.
The Selection Committee at its discretion may conduct interviews of finalists the week of October 11 2021. The Town anticipates making the award no later than October 22, 2021.
Proof of insurance will be required before contracting with the selected consultants. Town of Norwich reserves the right to seek clarification of any statement submitted and to select the firms that are best able to address the project purpose and best promote the public interest, or to reject any and all proposals.

1. Those submitting SOQs do so entirely at their own expense. There is no express or implied obligation by the Town of Norwich to reimburse any entity or individual for any costs incurred in preparing or submitting proposals, preparing or submitting additional information requested by Selection Committee, or participating in any selection interviews.

2. The Town of Norwich reserves the right to withdraw this Request for Qualifications, to accept or reject any or all statement of qualifications, to advertise for new statement of qualification if it is in the best interest of the Town to do so, and to award a contract as deemed to be in the best interest of the Town.

All questions related to this Request of Qualifications will be addressed to Rod Francis, Planning Director. Questions may be emailed to Rod Francis, Planning Director.

Responses to consultant questions posed concerning this RFQ will be posted on the Town of Norwich website at the following link: