The Town of York, Maine (hereinafter, the "Town") seeks the services of a qualified planning consultant (hereinafter, the "Consultant") to work with and assist the Planning Board in preparing an update to the existing Comprehensive Plan (hereinafter, the "Plan"). The current Plan, although amended yearly, was adopted as a whole in 1999, and is currently not consistent with MSRA Title 30-A and Chapter 208 of the State of Maine’s Comprehensive Plan Revision Criteria Rule.  This update of the 1999 Comprehensive Plan would address new and future planning issues and result in a Plan consistent with the Growth Management Act of the State of Maine. The Plan will guide future growth, redevelopment, zoning changes, capital investments as well as many other land use and regional goals.

The Comprehensive Plan is the foundation for determining effective public policy, master planning, and land use decisions now and in the future. It provides an ongoing framework for informed and directed development and decision making. The Plan shall include goals, objectives, and strategies utilizing maps, graphs, and other imagery tools to analyze, assess, and recommend best practices for values-based planning, economic development, environmental protection, housing, infrastructure, and other improvements. The overall objective of the Plan is to reflect and respond to priorities, values, and requirements of York’s residents while safeguarding the Town’s history and sense of place.


The Town of York is an attractive southern Maine coastal community with a population near 13,000 residents which encompasses 54.67 square miles of land area plus 77.11 square miles consisting of water.  York's small town character and historic charm is enhanced by many natural resources including miles of rocky coastline, four beaches (Cape Neddick, Short Sands, Long Sands and York Harbor), a well protected harbor, two large rivers (Cape Neddick and York River) and a mountain (Mount Agamenticus) with an elevation of 652 feet.

These many attributes and its convenient location to major metropolitan areas (Portsmouth, NH and Boston, MA to the South and Portland, ME to the North) make York a desirable place to live, work and play.

York is one town away from being the southernmost point of entry to Maine, but it is considered as the southernmost gateway for access to Maine’s coastal beaches. It is bisected by both Interstate 95 and US Route 1.

York’s colonization dates back to early European settlements in the1600’s, and York boasts some of the oldest and most historic architecture and sites in the state of Maine and New England, if not the entire country. York is not only home to well-preserved historic development and sensitive natural areas, but also to trendy shops, restaurants, and unique, distinctive village centers.
York is organized by Home Rule Charter whereby the legislative body is a Town Meeting consisting of registered voters who are qualified to vote in state and local elections.  The type of government provided by the Charter is a Selectmen/Town Manager/Town Meeting by secret ballot vote form.  The Town consists of an elected seven member (two alternates) Budget Committee, seven member (two alternates) appointed Board of Appeals, and an appointed seven member (two alternates) Planning Board that recommends ordinance and code amendments to the five-member elected Board of Selectmen for placement on the ballot. A number of advisory committees, including the Bike Pedestrian Committee, York Village Revitalization Committee, Parks and Recreation Committee, Conservation Commission, Historic District Commission, Harbor Board and many others are established, active, and motivated to update the Comprehensive Plan. Town staff in the Planning Office/Department includes a Planning Director, part time Land Use Technician and GIS/IT Director.


The Town of York has allocated a maximum of $200,000 to update the Comprehensive Plan. All Proposers shall provide a fixed price fee, as a "not to exceed" quotation for the total project.


Complete Comprehensive Plan Update proposals, including those emailed to Dylan Smith at dsmith@yorkmaine.org must be received at the York Town Hall, 186 York Street, York Maine 03909, by 4:00pm on Thursday, October 31, 2019.

The Proposal must be signed by the Proposer with their full name and address and include a pdf submission in the sealed envelope.  Any Proposal received after the deadline stated above may not be considered.

Each Consultant is required to state in the Proposal:
• Its company name, principal officer's names, mailing address, and telephone number;  
• The name, telephone number, and email address for its Contact Person;  
• The names, titles, mailing address, and telephone numbers for all subcontractors that will be used on this project; and
• A statement that no person acting for or employed by the Town of York is directly or indirectly related to the proposer or to any agreement which may be entered into to which the Proposal relates or in any portion of the profits here from.
The Proposer must submit one pdf and six hard copies of its Proposal.

Before commencing work under the Town Services Agreement, the successful Consultant shall produce evidence satisfactory to the Town that it and its subcontractor consultants, if any, have secured public liability, automobile, and workers' compensation insurance coverage.

Copies of the full Request For Proposal (RFP) can be found at www.yorkmaine.org and  questions regarding this RFP should be directed to Dylan Smith, Planning Director, by phone 207-363-1000, email dsmith@yorkmaine.org or mail to York Town Hall, 186 York Street, York Maine 03909.