Being a Pedestrian: A Complete Streets Experiential Training

APA Northern New England Chapter


Wednesday, August 15, 2018
9 a.m. - noon EDT

Bangor, ME, United States

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Explore pedestrian policies, design options, and enhancements in an interactive 3 hour training that includes both classroom and “on the street” segments, and develop your ability to identify both good and inadequate pedestrian conditions. Town managers, planners, DPW staff and emergency services are invited to attend.   The three-hour training will include: 

• A Goal Setting Activity.

• Review of AASHTO, NACTO, PACTS design guidelines and strategies for pedestrian accommodation, including MaineDOT Complete Streets, ADA compliance, crosswalk, signs and RRFB policies. 

• A ~2 mile Pedestrian Conditions Assessment walk with short on-road discussions.

A Follow Up Discussion on Roadway Comfort and Perceived Safety.


Learning Objectives 

Participants who take this training will be able to: 

• Understand accessibility issues and ADA guidelines. 

• Describe the MaineDOT’s policy on crosswalks, signals, signs, and ADA compliance. 

• Evaluate roadway shoulder and sidewalk conditions for safe and comfortable pedestrian transit.

• Identify roadway and pavement hazards to pedestrian safety. 

• Explain the effect that lane width and motor vehicle speed have on perceived safety and comfort. 

Explain how improving conditions for pedestrians can calm traffic and improve bicycling conditions as well.


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James Tasse

Director of Education and Advocacy Programs for the Coalition. Creator of the BCM "Community Spokes" Grassroots Advocacy Program Expert in bicycle and pedestrian issues and education. Expert in working with communities to implement programs, policies and infrastructure projects to promote and support active lifestyles. Expert in singletrack trail design and ... Read More

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