Planning and Development Director

Town of Plymouth

Plymouth, NH United States

Town of Plymouth


Job Description


Job Summary

The position works under the general supervision of the Town Manager who works on behalf of the Selectmen. The Planning and Development Director coordinates all aspects of development projects from design through construction and operation; assures compliance with all applicable ordinances and regulations; protects individual property rights; provides assistance with community planning projects and compiles and provides officials, departments and public with information on all land use related issues.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The examples below are for illustrative purposes and may not include all duties for which this position is responsible:

  1. Works with the Planning Board to establish and/or formulate department goals, objectives, policies, regulations, and procedures based upon the planning needs of the Town.
  2. Conducts investigations and prepares reviews, studies, reports and communications on matters relating to land use, natural resources, transportation, public facilities, demographic trends and economic development.
  3. Coordinates and implements an on-going economic development program for the Town under the direction of the Economic Development Committee and/or Planning Board.
  4. Continually appraises the procedures, policies and functions of the planning services provided to the Town and suggests steps for implementation to the Planning Board.
  5. Prepares special analyses and reports for the Town Manager and Selectboard; provides technical assistance as requested, including status of pending litigation.
  6. Apprises the Planning Board of training opportunities in the form of seminars, workshops and classes to broaden Planning Board members’ knowledge of planning trends, legal changes and land use planning techniques.
  7. Provides assistance to the general public in understanding and following the land use regulations and ordinances of the Town.  Assists applicants with the completion of site plan and subdivision applications.  Provides follow through assistance to both the Planning Board and applicants in the Planning Board’s review and final decision on each application.
  8. Reviews all applications (including building, site plan, subdivision, driveway, home occupation, change of commercial tenant, sign, variance, special exception, equitable waiver, rehearing, boundary line adjustment, excavation, appeal, merger, etc.) for compliance to applicable zoning and land use regulations. Provides follow-through as per conditions placed on approvals where appropriate and sees that the Zoning Board is made aware of specific conditions of approval.
  9. Maintains accurate records that could be used in court or other legal proceedings.  Advises the Town Manager of land use violations and the need for enforcement.
  10. Provides technical review and staff reports of each subdivision and site plan heard by the Planning and Zoning Boards.  Compares plan specifications for compliance with Town ordinances and regulations.  Coordinates plan reviews with various departments and personnel working with the applicant.  Coordinates site visits with the applicant, abutters, general public and Planning Board members when required.
  11. Assists the Planning Board in the preparation of a proposed Planning Board budget for consideration by the Town Manager.  Collects application fees from applicants and oversees the revenues and expenditures of the Planning Board.  Recommends to the Selectboard proposed changes to the application fee structure.
  12. Attends meetings at the request of the Selectboard for committees or commissions that pertain to the area of the Master Plan or planning future needs of the Town.  Coordinates a joint land use boards meeting between the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Adjustment, Historic District Commission and the Selectboard with invitation to the Conservation Commission at least once a year.
  13. Works to keep the Master Plan updated as needed.
  14. Works with the Planning Board in reviewing the Town’s Site Plan Review regulations and Subdivision regulations for revisions as needed or as voted by the legislative body.
  15. Keeps abreast of professional development in the planning field by outside reading, professional training and participation in regional and statewide planning forums and training workshops, with any prior approval as needed.
  16. Directs the duties and supervises the activities of the Planning Assistant.
  17. Oversees administrative support to the Planning Board, as follows:
    1. Posts notices of meetings in public places.
    2. Publishes notices in newspapers
    3. Distributes abutter notices by certified mail.
    4. Distributes to Planning Board and Zoning Board members materials in preparation for upcoming meetings.
    5. Transcribes and distributes such material as the Planning and Zoning Boards may direct.
    6. Ensures that work produced by the department has been proofread prior to issuance.
  18. Oversees enforcement of the Town zoning ordinance, building codes, and related regulations.
  19. All other duties as assigned by the Planning Board and/or Town Manager.


Knowledge and Skills

The Planning & Development Director shall be knowledgeable in the principals of municipal planning, regional planning and economic development and shall also have sufficient knowledge to apply conservation protection measures and water quality management practices.  Employee shall possess familiarity with state and federal laws and programs pertaining to local land use codes and regulations.  Employee shall possess the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with department heads, town officials, outside agencies, civic leaders and the general public and shall provide leadership and direction to volunteer municipal groups.  The Employee shall possess strong communication skills which include team building, consensus building and problem solving as well as the ability to prepare and present effectively oral and written material relating to community planning techniques.  Ability to apply independent judgement, self-motivation and results of the view of long-term planning.


Work Location and Hours

Employee’s work station will be located at the Plymouth Town Hall.  Regular office work hours will be Monday – Friday from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm and additional evening and Saturday hours as needed.


Minimum Qualifications

This position requires a Bachelor’s degree in planning or related field, with a minimum of five (5) years of experience in community planning preferred and with demonstrated possession of the required knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the essential duties of this position.  Certification by American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) is strongly preferred.  Any other combination of education and experience required to perform essential job functions will be considered.






Experience Level
Mid II (4-8 years)
AICP Level
Economic Development and Revitalization
Salary Range

Contact Information

Kathryn Lowe
6 Post Office Square
Plymouth, NH
United States