Associate Planner

Town of Andover, MA

Andover, MA United States

The Associate Planner works under the supervision of Director of Land Use and Economic Development with a focus on land use, transportation planning, housing, master planning and assists with other planning initiatives and provides technical assistance to the Planning Board and other committees.


  • Provide support to Community Development and Planning, and other Town Departments using visual forms of data and graphics platforms.  
  • Provide support to others within the Land Use and Economic Development Division.
  • Participate and assist  in the research and development, presentation, and implementation of planning initiatives such as Andover’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan the Open Space Plan, the Housing Production Plan, and the Town of Andover Comprehensive Plan.
  • Assist in overseeing compliance with MassDot’s Complete Streets Policy, working with closely with various Town staff and the community
  • Investigate and advocate for underserved populations within the community and work with Planning staff to identify programs and grants to assist with implementation
  • Provide technical assistance as staff liaison to certain committees as necessary, including the Open Space Task Force.
  • Assist in a direct or supporting role to the Community Development and Planning Department in administration and technical assistant of the Planning Board, and Conservation Commission, requiring coordination of appropriate reviews of all submittals, including site plans, subdivision plans, zoning amendments and other Board or Commission business as necessary.
  • Assist in developing regulatory tools and programs to enhance the community’s ability to pursue projects consistent with the goals of the Master Plan.
  • Assist staff with the creation, revision or reformatting of development regulations, zoning and policies for new development.
  • Complete special projects as assigned.  
  • Update Community Development and Planning website regularly.
  • Perform various communications of planning initiatives, events and projects via multiple social media platforms.
Experience Level
Entry (0-1 year)
AICP Level
Community or Neighborhood Development
Salary Range
$70,000 - $80,000