Executive Director

Bennington County Regional Commission

Bennington, VT United States

The Bennington County Regional Commission (BCRC), a regional planning and community and economic development organization located in southwestern Vermont, seeks an Executive Director with demonstrated management and collaborative leadership abilities.  The Executive Director will ensure that the BCRC efficiently and effectively advances its core mission while positioning the organization to take advantage of new opportunities that will benefit the region.  An understanding of rural communities and an ability to establish and nurture relationships both inside and outside of the region will ensure that the organization achieves these objectives.

The BCRC serves seventeen towns and villages in southwestern Vermont, working on behalf of those municipalities to build strong, resilient, and sustainable communities, to foster economic prosperity, and to promote a high quality of life for residents of the region.  The Commission is overseen by municipally appointed commissioners as well as several commissioners representing specific interests.  Principal program areas include municipal and regional planning, transportation, environmental and water quality planning, community and economic development, emergency management, energy planning, and solid waste planning and management.  The BCRC also periodically provides direct administrative and planning support for local and regional community development organizations with complementary missions.

The BCRC currently employs nine full-time and two part-time staff.  Funding sources include a variety of short and long-term grants and agreements with state and federal agencies and nonprofit organizations, as well as direct support from member municipalities.  The annual operating budget over the past several years has averaged approximately $1.4 million.

The ideal candidate for this position will exemplify a number of the following attributes, skills, and experiences and will have the capability to oversee an organization of the BCRC’s size and scope: 

A Knowledgeable and Strategic Executive

  • Understands comprehensive planning and community/economic development issues of concern to a rural region like Bennington County.
  • Committed to the mission of the BCRC and experienced in working with local and state government, businesses, and organizations that are central to implementing that mission.
  • Able to assess trends, introduce new ideas, and manage change within the organization while evidencing a commitment to overarching concerns such as social equity, climate change, and community sustainability and resilience.
  • Capable of guiding the development and execution of a strategic organizational vision and implementing plans to leverage funding, partnerships, and public awareness.

An Authentic and Engaging Leader

  • Provides honest and accessible leadership while motivating and respecting staff and strategically delegating responsibilities to encourage positive working relationships.
  • Serves as a reliable and trusted contact for commissioners and is a working partner with members of the BCRC’s Executive Committee.
  • Advocates for the organization and local communities through politically savvy engagement with peers and key state officials and office holders.
  • Builds relationships by engaging with key partners, developing trust, and delivering on promises.
  • Listens to and appreciates a diversity of viewpoints while effectively communicating positions based on the BCRC’s adopted regional policies and the needs of the organization.

An Effective Communicator

  • Is a spokesperson, with significant civic engagement experience, who will raise the profile of the BCRC across the region.
  • Leverages connections to support the use of BCRC resources.
  • Understands how to most effectively engage in partnerships, when to assume a leadership role, and how to protect the interests of the BCRC in any such collaboration.

An Experienced Manager

  • Demonstrates organizational management skills that will ensure financial stability and efficient delivery of services.
  • Able to manage the financial aspects of an organization that relies on a complex array of funding sources which support a similarly diverse array of projects and programs.
  • Assesses operational needs and directs the organization in a way that responds to change and takes advantage of new opportunities.
  • Simultaneously advances multiple priorities and tasks, recognizing relationships between diverse programs, and allocates time and resources accordingly.

Desired Credentials 

  • A minimum of 7 years of senior leadership or equivalent experience.
  • Academic degree and relevant experience that reflects both knowledge of organizational management and technical aspects of regional planning and development.

Application Guidelines 

A full position profile, job description, application instructions, and additional information about the BCRC and the region is available at:  http://www.bcrcvt.org/executive-director-search.html.

Applications will be reviewed as they are received and interviews with selected candidates scheduled as promptly as possible.

All applications will be acknowledged and are confidential, and any questions should be submitted to: Employment@bcrcvt.org

The BCRC is an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer and looks forward to an inclusive hiring process. It encourages a broad range of applicants, including candidates from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and life experiences. 

Experience Level
Senior (8-10 years)
AICP Level
Other Specialty
Salary Range
$90,000 - $105,000

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