Portland's Plan 2030 Receives 2019 MAP Plan of the Year Award

The 2019 Plan of the Year is awarded to Portland’s Plan 2030. This document is a long-range plan for Maine’s largest city. The plan itself meets the maxim of being comprehensive, yet succinct.

Criteria for the Plan of the Year award includes originality, transferability, quality, comprehensiveness, public participation, and implementation. The plan is driven by a set of values, themselves derived from outreach forums. The values are that the plan be Equitable, Sustainable, Dynamic, Secure, Authentic, and Connected – these values help to connect the core policy areas. Public outreach was similarly value driven and creative, employing traditional strategies with newer technology.

The two year planning process engaged a number of partners, including the City of Portland planning staff and planning board, non-profit and advocacy groups. The 90 page core document lays out an analysis of the current state of Portland and lists goals, objectives and strategies across a range of issues or policy guides. Pressing external issues, such as climate change are considered openly and thoughtfully. 

The plan and appendices are viewable online at www.portlandmaine.gov/1861/PortlandsPlan2030.

Members of Portland's Plan 2030 Team Accepts Award for 2019 Plan of the Year

The 2019 Plan of the Year was awarded to Portland’s Plan 2030.