What a fun and surprising ride this has been! Thank you all.

We said goodbye to only one Board member this year, Anne Krieg. Although, she has not gone far and will still help the Board with projects as needed. Congratulations Anne on your new job too!

I turned over the reins of President to Samantha Horn and I’m looking forward to where she will take the Board and MAP as we continue our transition with our fellow organizations. She is and will be a great leader. I will be in the role of Past President.

Amanda Bunker, Professional Development chair, has now taken on the Maine Representative to NNECAPA role, which combines many of the professional development duties she was doing and combining that with newsletters and informing the NNECAPA Board on what we are doing here in Maine. We look forward to reading updates in the NNECAPA newsletter. Thank you for putting together an awesome Annual Conference/Meeting!

Jane Lafleur is continuing as Treasurer and will be working with the other organizations on our budget alignments. She will work with our bookkeeper, Kathy Cirillo, to close out our books for this past year and transition to the new NNECAPA administrator who will be the new bookkeeper for the four groups.

Lynne Seeley continues as Vice President and with Caitlyn Davison is working with NNECAPA to create and update our webpage which is now combined with the NNECAPA website. The struggle is real with this conversion and we definitely appreciate all the work involved!

Jim Fisher has maintained his hold on the membership secretary/awards role and for good reason. Thank you Jim for all the updating, cajoling, scrambling and out and out begging in some cases. Also, your stealth mode abilities put you in the category of James Bond!

Jared Woolston is a force to be reckoned with in the role of legislative liaison! He has done so much in this role that he has run up against the rules about lobbying. Way to go Jared. What a great problem to have.

We are also blessed to have the following at large Board members: Mark Lapping, Carl Eppich, Jamel Torres, and Stacie Beyer. Stacie is the newest Board member and will bring new enthusiasm to the group. Thank you for joining in the fun. We look forward to working with you.

And yes, we definitely need these at large Board members since they round out the group and make us complete. They fill in the gaps and volunteer like champions. We truly appreciate all their hard work and keeping us on track. Way to go and thank you!

And thank you ALL for your work, support, surprises, and care over the past three years. You have been a blessing in my life and I would do it all again. I look forward to continue service to our profession. It really does change the world. One small deed at a time.

Happy 51st Anniversary!

PS: If you want us to decide everything, then by all means sit on the sidelines. If not, join one of the committees or volunteer for the short projects, we would love to hear from you.

Carol Eyerman Headshot
Written by

Carol Eyerman, AICP

Carol Eyerman is MAP Past President and Assistant Planner for the Town of Topsham.