Maine Association of Planners Embrace Change: A New Website and A New Governor

MAP is excited about the opportunities before us with the reorganization as a section of the Northern New England Chapter of the American Planning Association AND a new administration beginning to hit its stride in Augusta.  The reorganization is well covered elsewhere, so let’s take a brief look at what MAP is DOING to embrace the change in Augusta.

Maine planners have a unique opportunity to weigh in on the creation of a new and forward-thinking office at the highest level of our state government. After contacting the new governor and her newly appointed Commissioner of Innovation and the Future, we were invited to help inform the newest office about what it might work on over the coming years. Governor Mills, Maine’s first woman governor, has the rallying cry of “Let’s look ahead for change!” and a new greeting “Welcome Home.” She is determined, and so are Maine planners, that the future of Maine is bright.  Governor Mills believes that to keep us moving forward in a positive direction we should embrace the technologies and thinking that have propelled other states into the 21st Century.

Mainers are steadfast and resilient, and when put to the test have always risen to the challenge. This is the attitude Maine planners have demonstrated over the past many years and are now bringing to the effort to assist in this newest office.  MAP will contribute any and all resources to help guide state level planning thinking, including our time and knowledge. We are working on a letter of support and offer of our assistance to create a positive and forward-thinking Office of Innovation and the Future. We are hopeful that this new office will embrace some of the “old ways” of the previous State Planning Office while also allowing Maine to recognize change, to create a future for planning that thrives.