VPA On-Going Committees 2019

Professional Development – The Professional Development Committee organizes spring and fall conferences, participates in the Education and Training Collaborative, and researches training opportunities for professional planners:  – Ravi Venkataraman, chair

Nominating – The Nominating Committee is an ad hoc committee that puts together a slate of nominees to fill on the Executive Committee and officers for the coming year: Hal Wilkins, chair.

Legislative – The Legislative Committee keeps apprised of proposed legislation, prepares position papers, and testifies in front of legislative committees at the Statehouse: Alex Weinhagen, chair

Awards – The Awards Committee reviews annual nominations for Plan of the Year, Project of the Year, Citizen Planner, Professional Planner, and Citizen Board: David Rugh, chair

Communications – The Communications Committee reviews the website, listserve, and newsletter to keep membership informed and interested in ongoing activities of VPA: Sarah Hadd, chair.

Social Committee – TBA

Assistant Professional Development Officer: Lee Krohn