Are You Eligible for AICP?

The AICP certification cycle is offered twice a year in spring and fall. In 2022 APA adopted the One Path to AICP Certification, APA's website on One Path provides complete  information about eligibility and completing the AICP certification process. NNECAPA's Professional Development Officer (PDO) is available to answer questions and assist members interested in applying for the AICP One Path.

AICP One Path

Preparing for the Exam

The AICP Certification Exam addresses basic knowledge areas and skills of planners. The AICP Certification Exam Outline offers more detail about the five major topic areas covered in the exam. Given the breadth of information covered by the exam, studying over a period of multiple months is recommended. The AICP Guide Part 2: Taking the Exam covers the details of scheduling the exam, what to expect on exam day, and how the exam is scored.

Check out APA's 6 Tips for preparing for and studying for the exam. Under Tip 4 the Chapter Presidents Council AICP Exam Prep can be purchased for $15 and many more resources are available for download to help you succeed.