Town of Middlebury, Vermont

This project will create a Downtown Master Plan for enhancing the vitality and improving the functional efficiency of Middlebury’s Designated Downtown.




Wednesday, June 12, 2019

View the full RFQ and supporting documents here.


Project Summary

A public process will be held to:

  • Identify key issues and unique assets
  • Create an overall vision for the next 20 years and beyond
  • Develop actionable goals for achieving this vision

A series of design charrettes/public meetings will be held to:

  • Develop an overall master plan map, consisting of an illustrative master plan showing design interventions
  • Develop an area-specific illustrative master plan for the Bakery-Lane Municipal Site
  • Develop a bike-ped strategy for transportation linkages and safety improvements to enhance connectivity into Downtown
  • Conduct conceptual visioning exercises focused on improving the built environment along portions of the lower Weybridge St and Seymour St gateways
  • Develop engineering drawings (30% design plans) showing a green alley stormwater design for Bakery Lane, as well as other selected green stormwater infrastructure treatments throughout the project area. 

The planning process will be summarized in a master plan report, to include:

  • Logically-organized treatment of key issues arising from the public process
  • Implementation strategies for achieving specific objectives
  • A land use analysis to review underlying zoning and provide high-level recommendations for revising zoning as needed to support the vision in the plan
  • Description of new and improved transportation linkages identified during the public process
  • A market analysis and limited strategy focused on Downtown, to be prepared with the assistance of planning staff and interns, who will collect local-level data
  • Appendix (Maps, Plans, Renderings, Etc.)

In addition to the report, the project will produce an overall illustrative master plan map of downtown, showing infill development opportunities, potential trail/path/sidewalk connections and linkages, options for public parking, etc. 


Total project funds for consultant services are $108,333.  $75,000 is available for master planning from the Better Connections Grant Program.  An additional $33,333 is available from the State of Vermont Clean Water Initiative Fund for planning & design work related to green stormwater infrastructure improvements (30% design plans).  These public processes may be conducted concurrently.


The project will be completed by March 2020.  After their initial meeting, the Steering Committee and Consultant will spend 2-3 months promoting the project and conducting stakeholder meetings in preparation for a series of public meetings/ design charrettes in Sep-Oct.


We are not seeking a detailed scope of work or cost proposal at this time

Please furnish five (5) hard copies and one electronic copy of the statement of qualifications with pages numbered consecutively.

All responses to the RFQ shall include the following information:

1. Cover Letter

A statement of interest in the project and list of partnering firms

2. Statement of Qualifications and Staffing

Provide a qualifications profile of the lead consultant and subconsultants, including identification of the lead consultant and proposed role of each consultant on the team.  Please identify the staff who will be working with the project manager, as well as those leading public meetings and charrettes.

3. Summary of Relevant Projects and References

Describe relevant experience on similar projects for each firm and list the work experience of staff involved in the project.  Include a minimum of three (3) professional references for whom a similar project has been completed within the last ten (10) years.

4. Page Limit

The proposal, encompassing items 1-3 above, shall not exceed 10 double-sided pages (20 total pages) including cover letter, project lists and contacts.  Links may be provided for other materials, work samples, etc.

All information submitted becomes the property of the Town of Middlebury upon submission.  The Town of Middlebury reserves the right to issue supplemental information or guidelines relating to the RFP or withdraw the RFP.  Once submitted, the consultant team (including specific staff assigned to the project) may not be changed without written notice to and consent of the Town of Middlebury.  The cost of preparing, submitting and presenting a proposal is the sole expense of the consultant.  The Town of Middlebury reserves the right to reject any and all proposals received as a result of this solicitation, to negotiate with any qualified source, to waive any formality and any technicalities or to cancel the RFP in part or in its entirety, if it is in the best interest of the Town of Middlebury.  This solicitation in no way obligates the Town of Middlebury to award a contract.

Submission Requirements

Respondents should submit one (1) digital copy by pdf and five (5) printed copies of their statement of qualifications postmarked by the deadline above, to:

Municipality/Local Project Manager Contact Information
Town of Middlebury
Jennifer Murray, Planning Director
77 Main Street
Middlebury, VT  05753
(802) 458-8010

Please expect a confirmation email upon receipt of qualifications by Town of Middlebury

Selection Process

Qualifications will be reviewed by a selection committee composed of representatives from the Town of Middlebury, RPC and VTrans/ACCD.  A short-list of consultants will be selected to submit detailed proposals for the project with a project approach, scope of services, schedule and budget with details on staffing and hourly costs.  Finalists may be requested to present additional details via a Skype interview.

RFP Schedule Summary

Qualifications due: June 12
Consultants selected for short list:  June 19
Proposals due: July 3
Possible Interviews on: July 8
Consultant selection by: July 12
Project work to begin: July 26
Complete project on or by:  March 2020

Evaluation of Qualifications

Respondents will be evaluated according to the following factors:

1. Consultant Qualifications – 85%

a. Experience doing similar work
b. Ability to approachably communicate complex transportation planning, land use planning and engineering concepts and consequences to stakeholders and build consensus
c. Knowledge of land use, transportation, and stormwater planning and engineering
d. Knowledge of urban design and writing form-based code 
e. Previous experience with metropolitan clients outside the State of Vermont
f. Experience working with the development community
g. Proven ability to work with committees and conduct public meetings
h. Availability to begin work on project start date

2. Quality, completeness and clarity of submission – 15%

Interview Framework

If no obvious winner can be selected based on the qualification submissions received, the Town of Middlebury reserves the right to select the top two or three highest scoring consultants and invite them for an interview.  In this process, the selection committee may ask the respondents to deliver an oral presentation of their respective proposals.  The purpose of an interview would be to provide an in-depth analysis of qualifications, experience in performing similar services, and an opportunity for the consultant to clarify or elaborate on their qualifications without restating the proposal.  If deemed necessary, interviews for all applicants will be conducted by Skype.

Final Consultant selection

Following the selection process, one team will be selected to negotiate a final contract for services.  The final scope of work with specified deliverables may be negotiated through the negotiation of the final contract and is subject to the final approval of the ACCD and VTrans grant administrators.

Contracting Requirements

The Consultant will be subject to the terms of Attachments C, D and E of the Better Connections grant agreement.  A sample contract meeting these requirements is available upon request.