The Planning Commission of the Town of Swanton has received a Municipal Planning Grant to update the Swanton Town Plan.   The MPG funding will enable the Town to contract with a Planning Consultant.

The Planning consultant will assist the Swanton Planning Commission in updating relevant Plan elements, and ensure the Plan meet the requirement of Act 171.  Anticipated outcomes for the work of the Planning Consultant will be, but not limited to community outreach, professional analysis of housing and population demographic characteristics and trends, natural resources, public facilities and services, education, energy, transportation, economic development, historical and cultural resources.  It will also include what the vision for Swanton is for these areas with emphasis on senior housing and assisted living care facilities, recreational facilities, as well as the development of Swanton’s Southern Growth District.   The Consultant will also assist the Swanton Planning Commission in developing a workplan for tasks after the grant completion.

Context and Background
Swanton first adopted zoning regulations in 1969 and has maintained an approved Town Plan since 1988, being updated every five years since with the last update being adopted in 2015.  There was a special update in 2005 to address changes that were occurring in Swanton at that time.  This update is intended to meet the current regulatory requirements for Vermont Town Plans, and help the Swanton Planning Commission develop goals and policies for the municipality that address emerging climate, energy, conservation and land use issues.


A total of $19,600.00 is available for the Planning Consultant services in the MPG awarded by the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development.

Work Plan
Task Name Task Description Est. Hours
Preliminary Review Review existing plan (8 hours).  Update data 48
Update Existing and factual information within existing plan
Plan (24 hours). There are new statutory requirements
for municipal plans that will need to be drafted
and incorporated when the plan is updated (16

Map Updates Update maps require per Title 24 16

Project Kick-off Meet with the Planning Commission to kick-off
The project and plan for the community
outreach events.  6
Outreach Events Organize and facilitates two community visioning
sessions to discuss key themes within the plan (recreation,
senior housing, and the future of the Southern
Growth District). 40

Draft Plan Draft and incorporate key plan sections on recreation,
senior housing, and land us planning for the South
Growth District (40 hours).  Attend 5 Planning Commission
meetings to review plan updates (30 hours) 70

Prepare Final Revise the draft plan as necessary following PC review
and produce a final drat ready for adoption.  Draft the
required report. 16

The existing Swanton Town Plan expires September 23, 2023.  The update plan should be completed and adopted prior to that date.

The consultant s expected to assist the Swanton Planning Commission in completing a revision to the Swanton Town Plan that meets regulatory requirements, including Act 171.

Additional Information
The MPG funding the project was received later than originally planned, and the time-frame is now shortened.  The consultants and the Swanton Planning Commission will have to work efficiently to meet the May 23, 2023 deadline. This Plan revision process will likely bring up planning issues that cannot be fully addressed within the available time.  The consultant will be expected to assist the Swanton Planning Commission in developing a plan for follow-up work by the Swanton Planning Commission following the grant completion.


All responses to the RFP shall include the following information:

1.  Cover Letter – A letter of interest for the project.

2.  Statement of Qualifications and Staffing – Provide a qualification profile of the lead
    consultant and sub-consultants, including indication of the lead consultant and the
    proposed role of each consultant on the team.

3.  Summaries of relevant projects – Describe relevant experience on similar projects
                And list the work experience of the individuals expected to be involved in the project.
    Include a minimum of three (3) professional references for whom a similar project
                has been completed within the last ten (10) years.

4.  Page limit – The proposal encompassing items 1-3 above, shall not exceed 15 double-
    Sided pages (30 total pages) including cover letter, project lists and contacts.
All information submitted becomes property of the Town of Swanton upon submission.  The municipality reserves the right to issue supplemental information or guidelines relating to the RFP as well as make modification to the RFP or withdraw the RFP.

Submission Requirements
Respondents should submit a digital copy (PDF) of the proposal by June 15, 2022 to:

Town of Swanton
Brian K. Savage, Town Administrator
P.O. Box 711
Swanton, VT   05488

Please expect a confirmation email upon receipt of the qualifications.

If you have any questions about this project or the RFP, please address them in writing either via U.S. mail or email to Brian Savage.  We will respond to all questions in writing within three (3) business days.  Both the question and response will be shared with the other consultants.

Selection Process
Qualifications will be reviewed by the Swanton Planning Commission.  A shortlist of respondents will be selected to meet with the Planning Commission for an interview and to submit detailed proposals for the project with a project approach, scope of services, schedule and budget with details on staffing, hourly costs and overhead.

RFP Schedule Summary:

Proposals due June 15, 2022
Interviews and Consultant selection by July 15, 2022
Complete project on or by August 1, 2023

Evaluation of Qualifications
Respondents will be evaluated according to the following factors:

1.  Consultant Qualifications (experience with similar projects, ability to work with
                municipalities to attain desired outcomes, and knowledge of the topic) – 85%
a.  Experience with Municipal Plans
b.  Knowledge of Vermont Regulatory requirements
c.  Proven ability to work with committees and conduct public meetings
d.  Availability to begin work on project start date.

2,  Quality, completeness and clarity of submission – 15%

Interview Framework
The Town of Swanton reserved the right to select the top two to three highly scored consultants and invite them for an interview.  In this process, the selection committee may ask the respondents to give an oral presentation of their respective proposals.  The purpose of this oral presentation is to provide an in-depth analysis of qualifications, experience in performing similar services, and the opportunity for the consultant to clarify or elaborate on their qualifications without restating the proposal.

The interview and presentation are merely to present facts and explanation to the review committee and aloe the selection committee to ask targeted questions of the consultant team.  The interview and presentation, if deemed necessary by the review committee, will be held at the Town Hall in Swanton, Vermont.  The day and time will be notified to the respondents at least one (1) week prior to the meeting.  All costs and expenses in traveling for the purpose of the interview and presentation shall be the responsibility of the consultant.

Final Consultant Selection

Following the selection process, the final scope of work with specified deliverables may be modified through negotiation of the final contract.  Any expenses resulting from the interview and proposal process will be the sole responsibility of the consultant.