Request for Proposals
Town of South Berwick
2022 Comprehensive Plan Review and Update

November 24, 2021

The Town of South Berwick Maine is seeking proposals from qualified consulting firms to update its Comprehensive Plan.  Responding firms are requested to demonstrate experience and knowledge of Maine Comprehensive Plan development/process and show abilities to interact and facilitate Town committees and the public.  

Citizen involvement is fundamental to the plan update.  The goal is for the 2022 Comprehensive Plan Update to serve the needs of the community for the next 10 years and provide guidance for the development of subsequent updates to Town Ordinances and policies.  For example, State of Maine adoption or revision of adult use and medical marijuana laws were not on the horizon until 2018 and local ideas and opinions of various marijuana uses cover the gamut of total prohibition to total acceptance in the community.  An appropriate goal of the plan update is to guide the best possible compromise of these competing opinions.

The Comprehensive Plan provides and opportunity for a community to inventory and analyze local conditions in a systematic and thorough manner. Through considerations of community data, local values, preferences and expectations, a vision for future growth, development and local and private programs is created. The resulting Comprehensive Plan can provide guidance for community leaders as they develop policy.  The document represents a valuable reference source of carefully evaluated suggestions.  The challenge is always for these suggestions to be transformed into policy and action.

Plan Outline:
The following topics are included in the 2008 Comprehensive Plan and serve as a topic guide for the 2022 Update:
• Community Profile
• Economy
• Housing
• Transportation
• Public Facilities
• Downtown
• Natural Resources
• Water Resources
• Agricultural, Forestry and Wildlife Resources
• Historical, Archeological and Cultural Resources
• Land Use
• Fiscal Capacity
Supplemental to the 2008 Comprehensive Plan is the 2012 South Berwick Conservation and Open Space Plan.

Consultant Responsibilities:
The selected consultant will work under the direction of the Town Manager and shall be responsible for consultation with the Town Council, Planning Board, yet to be selected Ad Hoc Comprehensive Planning Committee, Other Major Stakeholder Organizations and the Public.   In addition, the consultant is responsible for the following items:
• General Management of the Project
• Drafting and preparation of the plan document, graphics, mapping and other support services.
• Data collection, analysis and presentation.
• Organization and facilitation of public meetings.
• Budgeting project funds.
• Regular presentations to the Town Council, Planning Board and Ad Hoc Committee.

Task Phasing:
Phase I:
The existing plan adopted by the Town in 2008 incorporates information derived from the 2000 US Census and needs appropriate revisions to reflect the current 2020 census data.

Phase II:
Conduct a Town-wide resident survey covering the various plan sections and topics.  The survey will inform the Town Council, Planning Board, Staff and Ad Hoc committee(s) in developing goals and strategies in the updated plan.

Phase III:
Interaction with Ad Hoc Committees and providing guidance as needed to keep the process moving ahead targeting the specific assigned tasks for the committees.

Phase IV:
Preliminary and Final drafts for presentation to the Town at Public Hearings and to help prepare for the adoption of the new Plan.

Qualifications and Fee Proposal:
Respondents shall illustrate qualifications to consult and facilitate the Plan Update with identification of the following:
• Introduction: Company overview and summary
• Company Profile
• Key Consultant Team Members, including experience summary and support organizations
• Project Approach
• Description(s) of similar projects
• Scope of Work
• Experience with Maine Municipal Comprehensive Plan Development
• 3 References with contact information

Initial cost estimates are requested covering research and development of Phases I and II.  It is understood estimates for later tasks will be negotiated once a more definitive scope is understood and established.

Proposals are due on January 10, 2021:
South Berwick Town Manager
180 Main Street
South Berwick, Maine 03908

Proposals may be submitted electronically and addressed to:

Review and selected consultant interviews are anticipated in January 2022.