Update of the Riverfront Island Master Plan

The City of Lewiston is looking to update the "Riverfront Island Master Plan". The City is looking for a qualified consultant to work with City Staff to study and update these inter-related tasks to facilitate the implementation of the RIMP.


Riverfront Island Master Plan Update- Projects, Sub-projects and Tasks

1. Riverwalk Trail and Pedestrian Movement Plan and Design
Description- The Riverwalk Trail is one of Lewiston’s best assets. It connects users to Auburn via a pedestrian bridge across the Androscoggin River, circles Simard Payne Park and is planned to be connected to Sunnyside Park to the north and the Continental Mill, Lown Peace Bridge and New Auburn to the south. One of the main goals of the RIMP is “Tap the power of the River through the development of a Riverwalk and improved water access to enhance the quality of life a support economic development”. This RIMP update component has multiple Sub-Projects.
a) Design the connection of the Riverwalk from Simard Payne Park, under or across Main Street and then north to Avon Street. Plans are currently underway to bring a second waterline from Lake Auburn to Lewiston as a back-up source of water for the city. Creating a new section of the Riverwalk Trail from its current terminus at the Hampton Inn Hotel that
will cross Main Street, preferably under the Longley Bridge would be a huge improvement. Once under or across Main Street, a definitive plan is needed to continue the trail north to the southwestern end of a property located at 10 Avon Street.
b) Design a Pedestrian Movement Plan to link Lisbon Street to the Riverfront Area. The RIMP recommends multiple avenues for pedestrians be located and designed that will allow pedestrians to traverse from Lisbon Street, Lewiston’s “main street,” down to the Riverfront area. (See page of 8 of the RIMP)
c) Additional design for the Cedar Street and Lown Peace Bridge section. Evaluate and recommend improvements to Cedar Street that integrate the Riverwalk Trail with the Little Canada Neighborhood, the future Rail Trail project area at 212 Lincoln Street, the Lown Peace Bridge and the New Auburn Village Center. The staff will lead this effort with significant assistance from the selected Consultant. The
Pedestrian and Trail system associated with the RIMP should be more than just a trail or pedestrian project. Recommendations should include ways to incorporate public art, exercise stations, sitting areas designed to encourage social interaction into all aspects of Project # 2.

Deliverables- Executive summaries and design plans for sub-tasks a, b, and c

2. Island Point Small Area Plan

Description- The RIMP includes general recommendations on the area known as Island Point (see page 38 of RIMP). The Libby Mill, which occupied a large portion of Island Point, was destroyed by fire in 1999. Island Point presents a number of challenges to redevelopment such as transportation access, topography, parking, site contamination, and ledge rock. On a positive note, Island Point has a commanding view of the Great Falls and Androscoggin River, is adjacent to the Veterans’ Park, is located along a future section of the Riverwalk, and is walking distance to Lisbon Street, the downtown core of Lewiston. The City is considering lists this as a possible project as part of the ongoing FERC relicensing process of the Lewiston Falls Hydroelectric Project.

Deliverables- A Small Area Plan for the Island Point area that considers the redevelopment potential of the site for office, housing, open space or an education center.

3. Oxford Street, Lincoln Street, and lower Downtown Infill and Redevelopment Plan

Description- The City of Lewiston would like to create to create an infill and redevelopment policy and program. Both the 2017 Comprehensive Plan and the RIMP (page 39) recommend infill and redevelopment of vacant and underutilized properties as a means to add more housing, commercial space and generate new tax revenues. The area around Lincoln Street, Oxford Street and the general Riverfront area (lower Downtown) is a prime location to establish a methodology to identify targeted properties and to create a policy that can encourage infill through incentives and possible investment by the City. This task will involve the creation of a GIS inventory (by Staff) of vacant and underutilized properties. The inventory will be used as the basis for the infill plan. The City has already adopted Design Standards for this area. (Attachment 2) It is important to link the infill plan to the Riverfront Island Master Plan with its proposed trails, parks and canals, which will add even more desirability for infill development. This area is also being looked at for a permanent location of the Lewiston Farmer’s Market. Staff will lead this task and the look for assistance from the Consultant to provide experience or examples from other successful infill programs.

Deliverables- An executive summary of an Infill and Redevelopment Plan that include mapping, possible incentive, financing options, and a draft policy and text amendments as necessary.

4. Update of Simard Payne Park’s Design and Functionality
Description- Simard Payne Park is a central focal point of the Riverfront Island Master Plan and the location of major citywide events such as the Balloon fest, Brewfest, Dempsey Challenge, community walks and races, and concerts. The selected consultant should evaluate the current uses, programing and functionality of Simard Payne Park, and utilize the Public Process to gather ideas and support, which will lead to recommendations to update Simard Payne Park. Issues and activities to consider, but not be limited to include: public art,
a playground, small and large entertainment venues, food truck areas, workout-stations, a musical play station, for example. City Staff will lead the public process and the selected Planning Consultant. Deliverables- An executive summary of recommended improvements to Simard Payne Park, which includes mapping and conceptual designs.

5. Final Riverfront Island Master Plan Update (RIMP)
Description- The final task in the RIMP update is the production of the final update plan. The final plan will be a reproducible document with, if necessary, appendixes, mapping, data and charts. Deliverables- An executive summary of the entire Riverfront Island Master Plan Update. The Final Master Plan document will include individual sections detailing the final recommendations, mapping, and other relevant materials and an implementation section for each of the sub-tasks.
a) Executive Summary of all Sub-Tasks
b) Complete Report for all Sub-Tasks of the RIMP including all including all graphics, maps, charts and statistics
c) Implementation Plan and Schedule RIMP Update

Public Process-
The Riverfront Island Master Plan Update will rely on ideas and support from a Steering Committee of key stakeholders and the general public. The Staff has drafted a key stakeholder list. The Staff is recommending the following meeting schedule.

1. Meeting 1- Kick-off meeting with City Staff, the Consultant, and the RIMP Update Steering Committee. Staff and Consultant present existing conditions, gather initial feedback from the Steering Committee
2. Meeting 2- First draft presentation by City Staff and Consultant to the Steering Committee
3. Meeting 3- First public meeting- Present 1st draft at public meeting. Gather input
4. Meeting 4- Second draft presentation by City Staff and Consultant to the Steering Committee
5. Meeting 5- Second and final public meeting- Present final draft
6. Meeting 6- Presentation to Planning Board
7. Meeting 7- Presentation to City Council

Dates to be determined.

FMI:  https://www.lewistonmaine.gov/Bids.aspx