NNECAPA Executive Committee

Friday February 15, 2019 | 2:00pm – 3:00pm

Rita Seto, Brandy Saxton, Meagan Tuttle, Ben Frost, Kerrie Diers, Katherine Labreque, Jared Woolston

1. Call to Order (Brandy) – 2:00 pm


2. Minutes

a. Dec. 28 phone meeting – Ben moved to approve, Meagan 2nd. All approved.

3. Retreat Planning Committee (Rita, Carol, Katherine, Ben, Sarah)

a. Next meeting 2/21/19 – Bob Mitchell will facilitate Agenda is set. Meagan is assuming Sarah will take care of logistics/room rsvps. Need confirmation of who’s attending from Sections.

b. Membership – management questions need to be put in list, meeting with APA April 8th after retreat – they can handle all chapter and section members, cannot handle organizational memberships.

c. Policy and Procedures development

d. Budgets – 4 draft budgets with priorities

e. April 5th at noon thru noonish on 6th – AMC Highland Center (includes President, VP, Treasurer & State Director or other designee – up to 4 from each org)

4. Elections Planning Committee 

Meagan asked all members for interest. Couple to hear back by next Wed.    Will then reach out to membership for interest. We are asking interest in positions (Reps) – not on national ballot but will funnel interest.

5. Chapter Website/Newsletter

a. Please take a look at nne.planning.org content under Membership, AICP Certification, Career Center and Connect with NNECAPA.

If any comments/notes please direct to Brandy. Meagan asked VPA legislative report updates posted – are only for members or public? Meagan had meeting discussion regarding whether to allow sister organizations like VTASLA to be able to access. Jared (MAP noted it wanted to publish things only members only access). Brandy noted APA website doesn’t allow filtering for members only. Agenda retreat – what goes on News section vs. member only information. Brandy will clarify with web development team.

Jared also inquiring about LPC and record keeping – archive internal documents for next committee. Possibly hosted by APA? There is offline access to Dropbox (Brandy).

b. Domain hosting

Brandy noted that MAP and VT is currently unlocked and ready to be moved over to APA under 1 registration provider. Brandy recommended Google platform and need a credit card (Ben still waiting for PIN to activate card). Brandy is unsure of NH’s website domain (network solutions – Ben is the account holder) – needs to be unlocked and have authorization code to go.

Brandy noted MAP’s WildApricot registration is ending soon and don’t really want to renew for upcoming year. Wondering if other states may share registration option for their upcoming Spring network until the whole merger/transition is complete? We need an event management software which Brandy may look into (not immediate need) – will add to Transition Plan item. Ben provided some feedback on NHPA and use of WildApricot history

c. Next steps and timeline for website

Brandy noted the bulk of NNECAPA content has been transferred. With SmartGrowth section, it hasn’t been kept up to date so she will get some items she deems relevant and then scrap the rest of the content. She needs help with the Fellows list to complete the rest of the info for Alex Jagerman and Mike Munson. Brandy needs to add content on upcoming conference. Goal is to try to complete all content by end of month.

d. Upcoming Yankee Planner

Brandy planning next edition for mid-end of March. Need State Directors to get grapevine news items.

6. APA Chapter Performance Report – due Jan 31, 2019
7. NNECAPA 2018 Conference Planning and Timeline – New Hampshire

Kerrie updated group and confirmed that it will be at Mt Washington Resort (Nov. 14-15, 2019) – hope to have reception Wed night before instead of Thursday. We need people to register rooms (particularly high room registration for Thursday night). Haven’t settled on a theme but focus on planning for local economy and climate change. Will send Save the Date next week. Sponsorship – look at the new list and see if there’s 1 that’s always get hit…there’s always the state specific ones. Start cultivating a Master List once the organization merged.

8. Taskforce

a. Timeline and next steps. Transition Plan document in Goggle docs – shared with Exec Committee. Ben has developed a draft budget for Treasurers and will talk in a few weeks with committee.

b. RFP for Admin Services due Feb 20th – subcommittee for review (Presidents/Treasurers – anyone else??).

9. New Ruralism – hiring an intern

No further update.

10. Treasurer’s Report – Ben

a. Taxes/Bank Status

b. FY2019 Status

Ben filed 990EZ form yesterday – sent certified IRS in Utah. Had communication with IRS – received from Mr. Hines asking for further documentation – Articles of Association since we’re not a corporation – Ben has those records. Looks like getting close to resolving/restoring 501c3, then waiting to see what fines they impose for the lapse.

11. Roundtable/Officer Updates

Jared had adopted ground rules on how to do business and tracking bills, particularly related to short term rentals (towns can’t do anything about it).

Meagan reported on behalf of Alex – Act 250 tracking with significant changes and provided comments before the committee started working on it.

Meagan also noted there’s a “short term rental” conference for hosts in Southern Vermont coming up.

Ben noted current NH session – with a split Legislature, items related to renewable energy and enforcement on building codes – control municipal discretion (need to cite code violated). There’s a “Prius” tax – road usage fee that may be of interest this year.

16. Next Meeting dates 

b. April 5-6 – retreat

c. May 17 – phone

d. July 19 – in person

e. Sept. 20 – phone 

f. Nov 13 – conference

g. Dec. 6 - phone

17. Future Discussion Items
18. Adjourn – 2:58 PM

Respectfully submitted by
Rita Seto, NNECAPA Secretary


Minutes are posted as drafts. Any changes to these minutes will be reflected in the minutes of the meeting at which they are approved.