Details on Registration & Cancellation Policies

NNECAPA Conference, October 13 – 15, 2021 at the Hilton Burlington Lake Champlain, Vermont

 NNECAPA 2021: Virtual | Reality

Envisioning a New Normal

“Virtual Reality is a simulated experience that can be similar to or completely different from the real world.” - Wikipedia

 While VR is often about tech, this year’s theme is more about how we see the world and our communities: in reality, as we imagine them, and ultimately in how the two views intersect.

 Events of the past several months have shone a bright light on many complex challenges that have persisted in our communities but have largely gone unrecognized or unresolved. At this year’s Conference let us explore the ideas and events that have guided and challenged our perceptions of what is both real and possible and consider how we can respond to post-pandemic opportunities while shaping a better future than we could have imagined before.

 The Conference Committee is working hard to develop a slate of sessions and activities that will provide an inspirational, interactive, and informative program! We really are looking forward to benefit from a real, face-to-face gathering this fall in beautiful Burlington, VT, and reflect on the gains and losses from our extended period of virtual work.

 While the program itself is still a “work in progress*,” you can expect a range of session types covering the following issues:

  • How has life during the COVID-19 pandemic affected us and what new normal will emerge? Let us explore some of the trends that we have seen over the past year related to land use, demographics, tourism, economy, equity and more, and explore what may be lasting vs. fleeting.
  • How can we overcome often entrenched and sometimes hidden barriers to achieving meaningful equity and social justice across the entire community?
  • How do we communicate ideas and inspire change; collect, use, and share data; and consume information, especially when confronted with widespread misinformation and entrenched perceptions?
  • What new (or not so new) ways have we learned to engage the public as a result of COVID, including access to and meaningful forms of engagement?

 * We expect to have more details about the program sessions and speakers in the coming couple of months.

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 Additional Notes:

 In accordance with Gov. Scott’s Vermont Forward plan, the NNECAPA Conference Committee is enthusiastically planning for an in-person conference in Burlington this fall!

 Please be advised that all attendees will be required to observe any COVID-19 measures that may still be in place at the time of the conference in the State of Vermont, City of Burlington, or as required by the Hilton. These details will be communicated to attendees prior to the conference, with ample time to make appropriate arrangements. In the event that the Vermont Forward Plan is delayed or modified, please see the cancellation policy below.

 Note Cancelation Policy:

If we are unable to host the conference in person due to COVID-19 restrictions that prohibit indoor large group gatherings, NNECAPA will issue refunds and/or contact you about alternative plans to provide CM opportunities. If we have to limit the number of attendees due to mandated group size limits, we will do so on a first-come-first serve basis, based on the order in which you registered. If you are unable to attend due to these limits, NNECAPA will issue a refund and/or contact you about alternative plans to provide CM opportunities.  

 If you need to cancel prior to Sept. 13 - please provide in writing. A $10.00 processing fee will be applied. If you cancel between 9/14 - 9/29 - you will receive a 50% refund. If you cancel between 9/30 - 10/13 - there will be no refund. You can always transfer your registration to a colleague. Provide details in writing.