2019 NNECAPA Awards

The NNECAPA Awards will be presented at the NNECAPA Conference in New Hampshire, November 14-15.  More information.


2019 MAP Awards 

Award announcements were made at the MAP Annual Meeting and Conference on May 17, 2019. See below for details.

Questions about MAP Awards can be directed to Jim Fisher, Awards Committee Chair. 


2019 MAP Annual Award Recipients

Past Award Winners


Plan | Portland's Plan 2030, Portland, Maine
Project | AIM Development Action Plan for Tomorrow, Town of Bucksport
Professional Planner | Carol Eyerman, AICP, Topsham, Maine
Citizen Planner | Jean Libby, New Gloucester, Maine

Plan | West End Neighborhood Master Plan, South Portland, Maine
Project | Maine Flood Resilience Checklist, SMPDC
Professional Planner | Lynne Seeley, Yarmouth, Maine
Citizen Planner | Don Fellows, Town of Lisbon

Plan | Lewiston Legacy
Project | Belfast Rail Trail
Professional Planner | Theo Holtwijk, Town of Falmouth
Citizen Planner | Don Russell, Town of Topsham

Lifetime Achievement Awards | Mark Eyerman, Chuck Lawton, Rodney Lynch, Tom Martin, Frank O'Hara, and Evan Richert

Plan | Falmouth Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, Town of Falmouth
Project | The Rural Business Development Zone, Land Use Planning Commission (LUPC) & Northern Maine Development Commission (NMDC)

Plan | Bold Coast Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan, Washington County Council of Governments
Project | River Landing Senior Housing Community, Developers Collaborative and Seacoast Management
Professional Planner | Jane Lafleur