Bytes 'N Pieces provides updates on the "comings and goings" of planners in Maine. Recent moves and news include:

  • Jarod Farn-Guillette has been hired as the new planner for the Hancock County Planning Commission. (press)
  • Sadly, Ellsworth Planner James E. Fitgerald (Jef) passed away in April from illness. (press
  • Charles "Tex" Haeuser retired as Planning Director from the City of South Portland. (press)
  • Crystal Hitchings is now working for the Sunrise County Economic Council (SCEC).
  • Jane Lafleur was named Senior Director at Community Heart & Soul. (press)
  • Milan Nevajda joined the City of South Portland as Planning Director. (press)
  • Ellsworth hired Theresa Oleksiw as their new City Planner. (press)
  • Jared Woolston received a Masters in Policy, Planning, and Management (MPPM) from the Muskie School of Public Service with a concentration in Sustainable Development and Geospatial Technology.