The VPA Executive Committee meets on the second Friday of each month and all members are welcome to attend. Minutes will be posted after the meeting. The Vermont Planners Association also has standing committees for Awards, Legislative activities, and Professional Development events and trainings.  Please consider joining one of these committees to help support VPA!

2022-2023 Executive Committee Members

    President - Alex Weinhagen
    Vice-President - Catherine Bryars, AICP
    Treasurer - Ravi Venkataraman, AICP
    Secretary - David W. Rugh, Esq.
    NNECAPA Conference Representative - Sarah Wraight, AICP
    Past President - Meagan Tuttle, AICP
    At-Large Member - Greta Brunswick
    At-Large Member - Matt Boulanger, AICP
    At-Large Member - Chip Sawyer
    At-Large Member - Jennifer Murray, AICP
    At Large Member - Eric Vorwald, AICP
    At Large Member - Sue Westa, AICP

Appointed Positions

  • Legislative Liaison – currently vacant
  • Downtown Development Board Representative – Chip Sawyer
  • Downtown Development Board Alternate – Sarah Hadd
  • NECAPA Section Representative – Eric Vorwald
  • Communications Coordinator - Sue Westa
  • Listserve Manager - Dean Pierce
  • Legislative Intern - Kerry Brosnan

Committee Chairpersons

  • Awards Committee - Scott Grimm-Lyon
  • Legislative Committee - Darren Schibler
  • Nominating Committee - Sue Westa
  • Professional Development Committee - Co-Chairs, Ravi Venkataraman & Jennifer Murray

The Executive Committee can be reached at:
Vermont Planners Association
32 Main Street, #150
Montpelier, VT 05602

Alex Weinhagen, President