Legislative Policy Committee

The Legislative and Policy Committee (LPC) is a representative body interested in assuming responsibility for carrying out the Maine Association of Planners’ (Association) adopted legislative and policy agenda. LPC has found APA’s  four (4) key legislative issues to be appropriate priorities for Maine: housing choice and affordability, inclusive growth and development, infrastructure, and healthy and safe communities. In addition to the key legislative issues adopted by the APA, the LPC may consider other policy focus areas determined relevant to planning in Maine that may arise during legislative sessions.


The new LPC newsletter aims to keep MAP members informed about legislative action related to planning as well as ways planners can get involved on matters that are important in their communities. Every 4-6 week expect a short summary of the bills the LPC has engaged with, legislative news of interest, and a list of the bills we are tracking. We’d love to hear from you about bills of interest or interest in joining the LPC.

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LD 527, “An Act to Allow Municipalities to Create Bicycle and Pedestrian Zones with Reduced Speed Limits” (For) 

Click to read MAP's LD 527 testimony

Role of the LPC

The Association’s 15-member Executive Board (Board) creates the LPC and is responsible for its control and management. The LPC serves a critical function as the advocacy arm of the Association. The purpose of the LPC is to define planning interests and to maximize those interests through effective participation in the legislative process. Specifically, in consultation with the Board, the LPC is responsible for: scheduling General Membership meetings to solicit input from the membership in setting the Association's legislative agenda;

  • developing a communications system to address the needs of the membership and
  • emergency decision making;
  • developing and coordinating the Association’s legislative policy process;
  • identifying the Association’s advocacy priorities & developing a legislative program;
  • providing direction on legislative strategy to achieve these objectives;
  • taking positions on legislative proposals affecting planning;
  • working with other organizations and groups to influence the State Legislature;
  • preparing policy information for the American Planning Association or the
  • Northern New England Chapter of the American Planning Association (NNECAPA) Delegate Assembly; and
  • providing information about the American Planning Association (APA) policies to the Maine Association's membership.

Membership. The LPC consists of at least three (3) members and shall be made up of anyone from the membership, in good standing, plus a member of the Executive Board who shall serve as Chair. LPC members are expected to commit to one year of service (aligning with the Board’s fiscal year), and service is unlimited. 

Current LPC Members

  • Eric Cousens
  • Tex Haeuser, AICP
  • Matt Nazar, AICP
  • Shelley Norton, AICP
  • Maureen O'Meara, AICP
  • Christian Roadman, AICP
  • Eli Rubin
  • Damon Yakovleff, AICP
The LPC is jointly Chaired by Eli Rubin and Matt Nazar.

If you'd like to connect with the LPC,  please feel free to email maplpcchair@nnecapa.org.

Read the MAP Strategic Plan Implementation 2019 Legislative & Policy Priorities.