Each Section has its own Executive Committee that plans professional development and networking events for members within each state. Most members engage with the Chapter through their Section.


The Maine Association of Planners, or MAP, is a 501(c)6 nonprofit organization of over 100 members, including professional public, private, and nonprofit planners, citizen volunteers serving on local boards, and Mainers from other professions like attorneys, landscape architects, professors, and developers. Though our membership works in diverse settings, we are all dedicated to enhancing the practice of planning in Maine.

New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Planners Association helps planners to stay on top of current trends affecting planning in New Hampshire. Planners are called on daily to make decisions that involve environmental, economic, social, technical and legal issues. Since its inception, NHPA has been active in developing policy statements on issues such a growth control, land use regulation, environmental protection, energy, transportation and regional planning.


The Vermont Planners Association is a non-profit advocacy and educational organization of planners and related professionals dedicated to the advancement of community planning in Vermont to foster vibrant communities and a healthy environment