Maine Association of Planners celebrated its 50th Anniversary with a lively lobster bake in 2018. Planners and friends gathered in Northport, Maine on the evening of October 24 to reflect on the association's history.

One highlight of the night was the 50th Anniversary skit. MAP would like to thank Beth Della Valle, Judy East, Carol Eyerman, and Mark Eyerman for writing the script. Those who played a part in the production include: Beth Della Valle, Judy East, Carol Eyerman, Mark Eyerman, Judy Colby George, Anne Krieg, Jane Lafleur, Sandrine Thibault, Jamel Torres, and Jared Woolston. Read the script.

The skit was accompanied by a presentation on the history of MAP, including pictures, key milestones in planning, and acknowledgement of past board members.

Singer/songwriter Dar Williams rounded out the event with a performance and brief remarks.