Vermont-based resources that are useful to planners and local governments.

UVM Center for Rural Studies

The Center for Rural Studies (CRS) is a nonprofit, fee-for-service research organization that addresses social, economic, and resource-based problems of rural people and communities. Based in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at the University of Vermont, the Center provides consulting, research, and program evaluation services in Vermont, the United States, and abroad. The Center also serves as the U.S. Census Bureau's Vermont State Data Center. 

State of Vermont

The Official Web Site for Vermont State Government will connect you with all branches of Vermont's government.

Vermont League of Cities and Towns

Founded in 1967, the Vermont League of Cities and Towns (VLCT) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that serves Vermont's municipal officials. The League provides educational workshops and consulting advice for municipal officials so that they can deliver excellent service to their citizens; information for the public so that it can better understand local government;support for legislation that strengthens local government;comprehensive insurance coverage for municipalities; and a Municipal Assistance Center for consultation on a wide range of municipal issues.

The Vermont Association of Planning and Development Agencies

The Vermont Association of Planning and Development Agencies (VAPDA) is devoted to sound planning principles that will enhance the quality of life for Vermont residents. Through a combination of environmental and economic planning strategies, VAPDA fosters a community environment that provides for the needs of both residents and our natural surroundings, today and for generations to come. This site contains a comprehensive list of Vermont's Regional Planning Commissions.

Vermont Judiciary

Home page of the Vermont Judiciary provides information about Vermont's legal system including fees, appeals, etc.

The UVM School of Natural Resources

The Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources seeks to cultivate an appreciation and enhanced understanding of ecological and social processes and values aimed at maintaining the integrity of natural systems and achieving a sustainable human community in harmony with the natural environment.

UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture

Their mission is to cultivate understanding and innovative practices and policies that advance sustainable food and farming in Vermont and beyond. A number of agricultural resources can be found at the Center for Sustainable Agriculture's web site.

VT Center for Geographic Information

VCGI is a public non-profit organization dedicated to making available free digital geographic data (mapping data)and supporting all those who wish to learn more about GIS (geographic information systems - computer mapping technology). VCGI also offers an Interactive Map Viewer at our web site, provides introductory training each summer, and organizes professional development events for GIS professionals 3 times per year.  Also see the history of GIS in Vermont.

Vermont Council on Rural Development

The Vermont Council on Rural Development helps Vermonters and Vermont communities develop their capacity to create a prosperous and sustainable future through coordination, collaboration, and the effective use of public and private resources. 

Department of  Housing & Community Development

DHCD assists in guiding land use policy and development decisions to meet statutory goals (24 VSA section 4302). First among those is "to plan development so as to maintain the historic settlement pattern of compact village and urban centers separated by rural countryside."

VNRC Community Planning Toolbox

The Vermont National Resources Council (VNRC) offers a broad range of tools for planners that relate to natural resource protection, energy and sprawl. 

Vermont State Data Center

Hosted by the UVM Center for Rural Studies, the Vermont State Data Center provides easy access to census information as well as Vermont specific demographic information.

Vermont Planning Information Center

This site provides information for planning commissions, zoning boards, development review boards, zoning administrators, and their staff. VPIC was created through a Land Use Education and Training Collaborative working together to coordinate and improve the delivery of land use education and training for local land use officials in Vermont. 

Vermont Secretary of State's Office

A good site for information and assistance in understanding the laws that apply to local governments. Contains "Vermont Municipal Guide to Land Use Regulations". 

Vermont Statutes On-Line: Land Use

V.S.A. Title 24, Vermont's law governing land use and land use regulation is available on the web.

VPA List Serv

The Vermont Planners Association offers our members a the opportunity to communicate on-line via our own list serv. The VPA List Serve acts as a forum for planners to discuss issues, ideas and concerns related to the work that we do, as well as providing a location to post planning related announcements. VPA members can join or access the list serve.  For help with the list serve please email

Canadian Institute of Planners

Representing a membership of approximately 7,000 planning professionals across Canada, the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) has been dedicated to the advancement of responsible planning since 1919. 


Planetizen is a public-interest information exchange provided by Urban Insight for the urban planning, design, and development community. It is a one-stop source for urban planning news, commentary, interviews, event coverage, book reviews, announcements, jobs, consultant listings, training, and more.

MIT Open Course in Urban Studies and Planning

The Department of Urban Studies and Planning (DUSP) is a department within the School of Architecture and Planning at MIT. It is comprised of four specialization areas (also referred to as Program Groups): City Design and Development; Environmental Policy and Planning; Housing, Community and Economic Development; and the International Development Group. There are also three cross-cutting areas of study: Transportation Planning and Policy, Urban Information Systems (UIS) and Regional Planning.

CD Lending Library

VPA owns copies of the following CDs that can be used to acquire CM Credits for AICP certification and that members may borrow:

  • 2012 Planning Law Review
  • 2011 Planning Law Review
  • 2010 Planning Law Review
  • 2009 Planning Law Review
  • 2008 Planning Law Review
  • 2007 Planning Law Review

  • Jam Golf Decision Meeting: Attorneys Panel (March 20, 2009), 4 copies
  • Jam Golf Decision Meeting: Planners and Natural Resource Professionals Panel (March 20, 2009), 4 copies
  • Infrastructure, CIP, and Alternative Transportation 2009 (1.5 CM)
  • Designing for Water Conservation 2009 (1.5 CM)
  • Community-Based Brownfields Redevelopment 2008 (1.5 CM)
  • Ethics in Planning 2008 (1.5 CM)
  • Mastering Density 2008 (1.5 CM)
  • Renewable Local Energy 2008 (1.5 CM)
  • Complete Streets 2007 (3 CPD)
  • LEED for Neighborhoods 2007 (1.5 CM)
  • Maintaining Neighborhood Character 2007 (1.5 CPD)
  • Design Guidelines for Small Towns and Rural Communities 2006 (1.25 CM)
  • Green Community Planning 2006 (3 CPD)
  • Improving the Development Review Process 2006 (1.25 CM)
  • Context Sensitive Street Design 2003 (1 CM)

If you are interested in borrowing any of these CDs, please email